7-Day Meal Plan

7-Day Meal Plan

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  • A full categorized grocery list for shopping 
  • 27 Pages
  • Tips to Clean Eating
  • Cheat Meal
  • Macronutrient Tips
  • Day 1-7 Recipes
  • Macro Count on each Recipe/Snack
  • For Busy Schedules

This 7 Day Meal Plan is my full blown plan of how I lost the baby weight and keep it off, all while toning up.    

It is designed for on the go snacks, and quick and efficient recipes for busy moms.  

Meals like Protein Pancakes, Crock Pot Chicken, Kale Chicken Salad, Quesadillas, plus Late Night Craving Treats!  Healthy Carbohydrates, Fats and Proteins are all included in each meal, to help you feel full and satisfied!

Perfect for anyone wanting to lose weight and tone up, while following my work out guides.

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